Missing African Homemade meals in Canada?

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There are times when being that African you want to be outside Africa can be difficult. We all want to have that feeling that would project our Africanity. Oftentimes, the only thing that can help project this feeling is in the meals we eat. Here are tips for finding amazing places where African meals  are served; 

The Unique Name: One of the uniqueness that Africa prides itself on, is the artistic nature of the names that come from Africa. It is no longer a fact that Africans outside Africa would always use the names of Africa to start a business, especially those who deal in meals and groceries. Here are a few names in Canada you should try; Lalibela, Simba Grill, Mychopchop, La Africana, Pili Pili, 54 Africana, Dhayor African Store and others.

The Environment: Africans are known to be good music people. They have this unique sense of good music. This is one major tip because African songs are usually played in an environment where any good African restaurant is situated in Canada. After all, it’s like our sense of belonging. The next time you are trying to find one, look for that one with a touch of Africa – African Music. 

The Food: What is Africa without its food, spice and taste? Nothing right! What is an African restaurant outside Africa without meals like Amala from Nigeria, the popular Abenkwan from Ghana and Papyrus from Egypt? Taste sometimes makes the difference.  To Africans, our food is our culture, it is our lifestyle. So, when in search of that African uniqueness, always look out for African restaurants that serve meals only from Africa.  

The Interiors: For Africans,  it is important that their surroundings are colourful and filled with the different artifacts that sometimes speak to them about their heritage. You never know, some of these things have a way of speaking to just Africans. Look for this unique sign the next time you look for an African restaurant in Canada, especially in Toronto and Ontario. 

The Location: Location has everything to do when it comes to African meals in Canada. Authentic African Restaurants in Canada are always situated in Ontario and Toronto. These provinces have lots of places where African Homemade meals are sold. These are amazing tips that would take you to amazing stores in Canada.  You can also order that African meal now, click here.

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