5 Healthy African Meals used to lose weight


There are misconceptions that Africans are not healthy eaters because most of the meals having African origins are starchy and it is believed that major African food class ends in fat. However, this notion might not be true in all its sense because there are good African meals that help build the human immune system and are highly nutritious too. These are a few of the African meals that help in weight loss;

Ofada Rice: Mostly eaten in the Western part of Nigeria, Ofada rice is highly rich in protein and vitamins. This complex-carbohydrate type of rice is a good supplier of B-vitamin which aids in burning calories faster and is a good weight loss meal.  In most parts of Nigeria, it is always wrapped in Banana leaves which add to its nutrients. 

Abenkwan: A rich Ghanian soup from the Akan, the largest ethnic group in Ghana, is made from Palm-nuts. Palm-nut is a popular source of soup in different parts of Africa. In Nigeria, the Niger Deltans call this Banga, Cameroon Mbanga, in Congo Moambe while the Eastern part of Nigeria calls it Ofe Akwu. This soup is extremely high in vitamin E and has a zero transfer of fat which aids weight loss. 

Efo Riro: One of the amazing things about being a Nigerian is the fact that its soups are high in nutrients. This is a vegetable soup from western Nigeria and it is low in calories. Different tribes have special and unique ways of cooking this. One could use the Ugwu (Pumpkin leaf)  while others use Tete (African Spinach) or Shoko (Lagos Spinach) whichever way, this soup has an amazing taste and its rich insoluble fiber aids weight loss.  

Kontomire Sauce: A Ghanian stew popularly nicknamed palava sauce is cooked with melon and cocoyam leaf. This meal is widely eaten in Africa, countries like Nigeria call it Egusi and it is also eaten in Sierra Leone, and Liberia. It is rich in protein and low in fat.  

Amala (Ogede): Amala ogede made from plantain is another weight loss meal popularly eaten in western Nigeria. This is a perfect diet for those living with diabetes. Amala ogede is fat-free and sodium-free. This is another perfect African meal for weight loss because it has low calories. However, to maintain that perfect shape; always follow a meal plan with regular exercise. You can also get all these at grocery stores in Canada, click now and get them delivered to your doorstep. 

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