5 Healthy African Vegetable Soups, You should try


The body needs nutrients and these can only be gotten from healthy living and lifestyle. One of the uniqueness of being African is the exposure to a variety of food that feeds not only the body but the mind. Africa is blessed with so many nutritious soups. Here are some you should try; 


Muboora: The Zimbabwe traditional vegetable soup is eaten because of its nutrient and taste. The Muboora soup is a healthy soup cooked with pumpkin leaves, fresh tomatoes, black pepper and bicarbonate of soda. This soup is loved because it is high in nutrients, vitamin A which promotes healthy skin, vitamin B among other nutrients. The ingredients of this soup you can’t afford to miss can be gotten in stores in Canada. 


Edikang Ikong: One of the famously nutritious soups ever to be made in the south-south part of Nigeria is Edikang Ikong. It is the combination of two vegetable leaves, the Uwgu (Pumpkin) and the water leaves.  Edikang Ikong soup is one of the healthiest soups in Nigeria because of its rich nutritional value which includes; Protein, Vitamin B1, B2 and E, Fiber, Folic acid, carbohydrates, Calcium, Iron, Phosphor, Selenium, Potassium. It is never so difficult to cook this in Canada because you can get its ingredients in stores situated in Ontario. 


Saka Saka: Africa is believed to have repetition in certain things, maybe to show the importance of some of these things. This is the popular Saka Saka soup mostly eaten by Central Africa, especially in Sierra Leone and Liberia. This is a cassava leaf soup cooked with beef, shrimp, peanut butter, salt and pepper to taste. Saka Saka contains so many nutrients and minerals. Your Cassava leaves should be cooked first before being used to cook this soup.  


Mulukhiyah: An Egyptian royal vegetable soup made from Jute leaves or Jew’s mallow, whichever name you wish to call it is a delicious vegetable soup from Egypt. In Nigeria, this is popularly known as the Ewedu soup. It is low in calories and also nutritious. Mulukhiyah soup is cooked with Jew’s Mellow (Ewedu leaf), Chicken, Vegetable oil, Ground black pepper and salt to taste. 


Kontomire Soup: An African delicious soup cooked in Ghana. It is made of melon and cocoyam leaf.  It is rich in protein and low in fat. Vegetable leaves are essential parts of cooking soup in Africa, from African spinach, Lagos spinach, to Cocoyam leaves, Cassava leaves, Water leaves, Jute leaves. Looking for unmatched African soups and spices, here is a link to finding where.

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