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Puff Puff mix, also known as, Beignet, bofrot or Mandazi , is a ready to use ‘Just add water and mix ‘ light powder combination of flour, yeast, salt, sugar, and powdered spices like pepper, nutmeg, used for preparing delicious and tasty instant fried puff puff.

Typically, puff puff mix is fortified with nutrients like some vitamins and minerals and very easy to use. Just add water, stir well, leave for some time to activate, then scoop small portions of about 2-3 teaspoonfuls of the Puff-Puff batter with your hand and drop in hot oil and fry. It immediately puffs up and almost like you doughnut.

Puff Puff is a popular African and Carribean societies street snack. It can be eaten by children and adults, served at breakfast, dessert, snack time or served alone or mixed with other pasteries as ‘small chops’ at parties.

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