Garri Ijebu 3Lbs

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In West Africa, Garri is the flour of the fresh starchy cassava root. This Starchy flours is mixed with cold or boiled water form a major part of the diet in Nigeria, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Guinea, Cameroon and Liberia.

This product is derived from Cassava the root from which Garri is produced, is rich in fiber, copper and magnesium. It is served as part of a meal with soups and sauces. Some of these include okra soup, Egusi soup, vegetable soup, Afang soup, Banga soup and bitter leaf soup. Similar starchy doughs are found as staples in other African cuisines.

As a snack, cereal, or light meal, Garri can be soaked in cold water (in which case it settles to the bottom), mixed with sugar or honey, and sometimes roasted peanuts and/or evaporated milk, also known as Garri soakings. But specifically, Ijebu Garri is the best when it comes to this amazing snack. Ijebu Garri can also be eaten dry with sugar and roasted peanut. Other ingredients include coconut chunks, tiger nut milk, and cashews.

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