Akabanga Chilli Oil

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Akabanga is a popular Rwandan-made hot chili oil distributed by MLF Foods LLC within the USA. Used on a wide varieties of dishes , the chili oil is great on anything including eggs, meat, fish, stews, salads and soups. The oil is made of 80% extract of mix varieties of Habanero peppers and 20% of sunflower oil. Akabanga can both be used as a condiment or as a cooking ingredient. Its heat ranges largely over 150,000 Scoville Heat Units. Akabanga’s taste is amazingly delicious, and surprisingly its heat doesn’t linger in the mouth like other hot sauces available on the market. Despite its sharpness Akabanga does not overpower the taste of food, but adds a pleasant background in it. ​Just add a few Akabanga oil drips in your meal and that’s enough for a real spicy kick! Yet so delicious… “Look out, sriracha. Now that Akabanga has made it to the U.S.A., the heat is definitely on. I mean, its little eyedropper bottle packaging alone could be cult-worthy, not to mention its unique flavor and kick.” Heat Level: Medium-hot, depending on your tolerance.

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